Renewable energy in Colombia

Colombia is taking steps to promote more environmentally friendly energy sources.


The depletion of traditional sources of energy (fossil fuels) has pushed most countries in the world to find alternative energy solutions. Colombia has great potential in the production of this type of energy because of its geographical location and is currently already taking action.

The alternative or renewable energies are those that take advantage directly of resources considered inexhaustible as the sun, the wind, the bodies of water, the vegetation or the heat reserves of the earth.

In Colombia, primary energy production originates from hydroelectricity, due to the abundance of water in most parts of the country, in addition to fossil fuels, whose reserves are already running out.

This is why in recent years the National Government has invested in the development and application of alternative energy production technologies, which work with renewable resources in order to better solve the global energy crisis and thus contribute to a cleaner environment.

Alternative or renewable energies come from resources that are related to the natural cycles of the planet, making it possible for the resources to be available permanently.

Each of the energies involves different types of technologies with which energy is obtained in the form of electricity, motive power, heat or fuel. They have been classified into six main groups: Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Biomass Energy, Hydraulic Energy, Energy of the Oceans and Geothermal Energy.

Colombia does not want to fall behind in terms of non-conventional renewable energies. The phenomenon that was El Niño last year had the country on the verge of a strong blackout which led to the realization of the need to further explore cleaner and more environmentally friendly energy sources that would benefit both the environment and consumer’s pockets in the long run.



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