Colombian most attractive cities to invest

Bogota, Cali and Medellín are among the 10 cities with the best strategy for attracting foreign investment, according to a Financial Times analysis. How do they do that?


The task that Bogotá, Cali and Medellín have been doing to attract direct investment to their territories shows important results. Not surprisingly, the “American cities of the future 2017/2018” ranking, made by the FDI Intelligence division of the Financial Times, ranks among the top 10, from 49 cities in America evaluated. Everything a record. These capitals were recognized in the category: “Major American Cities of the Future 2017/2018-FDI Strategy”, which values ​​cities with more than two million inhabitants adding their metropolitan area and the cost-benefit ratio obtained by companies investing there , Rubbed shoulders with “you to you” with Chicago, New York, Montreal, Los Angeles, and Miami, who were in the top five.


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