The answer is Colombia – 6 reasons to be proud!

As you may have heard, Latin people tend to be very proud of where they are from on all scales, from their neighborhood or village to the whole continent … But if you have met any Colombians, you will know this pride is one of the strongest you will ever meet. There are very slight chances you will have a conversation with someone from this country without them mentioning its diversity in terms of culture, ethnies, biodiversity; the fact it is the only country in South America to have coasts on the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean; its food … and so much more. We have tried to break down this pride into 6 main blocks for you to learn and discover more about this wonderful country.

1. The Music From the Caribbean Coast with its famous Vallenato, Cumbia, Mapalé … to the Joropo from the Llanos, the Sanjuanero from the Huila or the Andes music from Nariño … and the list goes on. Each music has its folkloric dance that goes with it that everyone learns while in school. baile
2. Its New Business Scene After slowly rebuilding itself from the ashes, Colombia has little by little come to meet international competition standards on the business scene. Bogotá is currently the second city with most investments in Latin America beating Lima, Santiago de Chile and Miami; and Medellin is currently considered to be the Tech Hub of Latin America with its famous tech start-up incubator Ruta N. bogota skyline 3. The Food As you have noticed by now, Colombia is one of the most diverse places on earth, and this also applies to the food. You can enjoy a heavy soup with potatoes and corn called Ajiaco in the mountains, some Arroz con Coco (delicious coconut rice) with grilled fresh fish on the Coast, a filling delicious Bandeja Paisa from the Antioquia region or a plantain flavoured Tamal from the Tolima region … Every region will take great pride in making you try their best local speciality, and with a fresh Tinto (coffee) to be sure you enjoy the meal to the very last bit. bandeja
4. The People Despite the history of violence the country had been bathing in for so many years, most of the country is now totally safe for tourists to visit. Colombians will always receive any foreigner with great devotion, care, hospitality and human warmth and give them all the best of what they have. This behavior gets exported with more and more Colombians going to live around the world. image
5. Its Festivals and Traditions No matter the time of the year or the occasion, Colombians always find a moment to throw a party or even a massive festival! Visit Colombia and be sure to not miss its most famous regional festivals throughout the country such as the Carnaval de Barranquilla (world’s second biggest carnival), El festival de Negros y Blancos in PastoLa feria de las Flores in Medellin just to name a few.carnaval_Barranquilla  6. Its Sportsmen and Sportswomen Besides the recent famous Colombian football team‘s performance throughout the last world cup, many other sportsmen and women have taken the country’s passion for sports to another level, such as María PajónCatherine IbargüenNairo Quintana and Rigoberto Urán. Thanks for that!


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