10 things you need to know about social and environmental investing

The Colombian Government is launching a project to provide environmental investors tax benefits for saving and using energy efficiently along with the Colombian British Chamber of Commerce.

forest-deal-web-370x229Here are 10 Facts The Guardian recently published that we should all know about Environmental Investment

1. The sustainable investment market is small but growing

2. Responsible investing has moved on from screening out ‘bad’ companies

3. Some ‘responsible’ funds still invest heavily in fossil fuels

4. Regulators could start policing what counts as a responsible fund

5. Responsible investing does not have to mean lower profits

6. Financial advisors do not know enough about ethical investing

7. People without much money can invest responsibly too

9. Education about responsible investing should start in school

10. The financial crisis represents an opportunity for responsible investing

You can find further information on this topic by reading the article by The Guardian.


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